The Nepal PEACE Project is a child education initiative and sponsorship program. The Be In Christ has always understood that the education of a child is an investment in both children and the local community. The BIC recognizes that education is a passport for children to a better future. As children are educated, through the support and sponsorship of the local church, the church is investing in a better future and improving the communities that it exists to serve. The BIC church, both in Canada and the US, has a long history of educational investment in the far east region of the world. This new initiative as envisioned by the local church leadership in Nepal carries on that tradition.


Historical and geopolitical forces have hindered Nepal’s development in comparison to other countries. In many of the development markers, Nepal is well behind global standards. Education is one of those areas.

Historically, education in Nepal was mostly home-based with only the elite permitted to go to a proper school. During the 1950’s the importance of and opportunity for education was increased. This initiative made much progress over the next twenty years but much more is still needed.

According to World Bank, “Enrolment rates in secondary education grew from 44.9 percent in 2007 to 60.4 percent in 2015 before dropping down again to 54.4 percent in 2016, presumably due to the 2015 earthquake. The most dramatic improvements, however, have been made in increasing female participation in education.” The opportunity for education of girls has caught up to that of boys in most parts of the country. However, poverty also has a significant effect on education standards.

According to World Education News, “Children from poor families are often forced to quit school because they have to help their families with farming or have to walk long distances to attend classes. Also, the education of girls is still not seen as a priority in some rural areas and child marriage is still a relatively common practice in some places. According to Human Rights Watch, 37 ‘percent of girls in Nepal marry before age 18, and 10 percent are married by age 15’.”

The Nepal Peace Project is an education initiative because few efforts transform the life of a child and a community like investment in education.


The Nepal PEACE project is based solely upon the vision of the local leadership of Nepal. Sensing an opportunity for the local church to lift up the children of its community, the leaders envisioned a program that would help children attend school, pay for uniforms and fees and have supplemental tutoring and spiritual guidance. We are entering into a partnership by providing financial resources to help them achieve the vision they have for their communities.


This project was imagined and created by the BIC Church of Nepal. Local leaders are responsible for planning and implementation of the program. The church in Canada is acting as a financial partner for the program.


The local BIC Nepal churches provide the tutoring and mentorship support for the children who attend the after school tutoring program. Each church has an overseer and on-site staff support who provide tutoring and meals.


The project works with the pre-existing education system in the local communities where the children live. This program supplements the public education by providing tutoring and spiritual development activities.


Your donations will make a huge impact in the lives of the children who participate in the Nepal PEACE Project program. Each student is given an opportunity to attend a public school and be part of the PEACE Project program that provides tutoring, basic food and healthcare as well as spiritual formation activities.

Your donations provide essential assistance to allow children to attend school and receive the extra support required in the difficult situations they live with in rural Nepal. The video below provides an overview of the impact the program is making.